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Banner materials

lightweight vinyl banner example image

Lightweight Banner Material

This material is most appropriate for banners displayed on an intermittent basis. It is considered a medium weight material and not suitable for printing both sides. Strength of material will be enhanced with rope and eyelet insertion that will aid in hanging your banner.

Material Description
Durability ** Vertical exposure Up to 3 years • Weight 440 gsm (13oz) gloss white PVC Banner • Scrim Construction 1000 x 1000 denier 9 x 9 per square inch • Tensile strength - Length ISO 13934-1:1999 139.0 kg / 50mm - Width ISO 13934-1:1999 116.2 kg / 50mm

Heavy duty vinyl banner example

Heavy Duty blockout

HBO610 is a super strong 610gsm double side blockout PVC banner material. Suitable for internal but mainly external applications where high tear strength is required. Can be printed on both sides without ghosting of image on the other side. Strength of material will be enhanced with rope and eyelet insertion that will aid in hanging your banner.

Material Description
Material 610gsm PVC carrying 1000 x 1000 12*12 polyester scrim • Tensile Strength 1713 x 1442 N/5cm • Tear Strength 443 x 283N

Fencemesh banner material example image

Fence Banner Mesh

Our Premium mesh is a weather proof low glare white PVC mesh with an open weave for a variety of display applications. This mesh is a very popular product for building perimeter fencing, building face drops, sports fencing, ski run fencing, construction sites or large scale advertising. Our Premium mesh is also ideal for advertising shop fronts & cafes where high quality graphics are required. It is a mesh type fabric that allows air to pass through the open weave.

Material Description
High Tensile 100% polyester yarn - 1000 x 1000 denier - 12*12 knitting fd/in • Air permeability Test pressure: 200pa • Test area: 20cm/2 • Individual readings (unit: mm/s) • Average: 2052 Minimum: 1980 Maximum:

hem and eyelets image

Banner size

Our Banner Editor allows for banners up to 1.5 metres high and as wide as you need them to be. To learn more, watch our tutorial here.

Banner options

Pockets consist of one inch (2.6mm) of the vinyl banner material folded over to the reverse side of the banner and heated together to form a clean and strong one-inch hem. The hems, together with rope at the top and bottom of the banner, help hang the banner and increases strength and durability.

Eyelets (also known as grommets) are made of brass rings. Eyelet are about 1/2 inch in diameter. They are placed around the banner perimeter and are used to help hang the banner. We recommend using all of the eyelets provided when you hang your banner to prevent the banner from tearing or ripping.

To learn more, watch our tutorial here.

Banners are ideal for any business or event promotion
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image of Banner Editor functions and interface

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example image of vinyl banner
example image of mesh banner

Cost effective and proven to drive traffic

Vinyl banners are a highly effective advertising tool and is proven to turn heads and drive more traffic. Digital Banner Printing in colour allows you to include photos, colour text, colour logo and any designs. We make banners to fit any budget and print banners using UV, Latex, Eco Friendly and fade resistant inks.

Custom banners are perfectly designed to give a company or organisation an edge in their advertising and marketing needs. Custom banners stand out from the rest.

Custom banners are not limited to just companies and organisation. Individuals can order outside and inside custom vinyl banners as well. We specialise in creating unique event banners, happy birthday banners and much more.

Banner design tips and tricks

You need a banner for a specific reason - for example, a trade show, conference, store opening, sale, or community announcement. Whatever your goal, you know you need a banner but you may have absolutely no idea how to design one nor the resources to hire a professional. Don’t worry if you have little, or no design experience, our Banner Editor is design to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

1. Know your purpose

Above all, your banner design needs to accomplish a few things. This could be reinforcing company branding, advertising a weekend sale, promoting a store opening, directing traffic, or attracting trade show attendees into your booth. If you start your design with this clearly established purpose in mind, you can’t go wrong.

2. Size

Design to fit the size of your banner. Think about where the banner will be in relation to your target audience and work from there. If the banner is hung on a store exterior 50 metres back from the road, but your target audience is speeding past on the highway in front of it, then you’re going to have some problems if your design doesn’t take this distance into account. In these circumstances, intricate design elements like a decorative floral border, for example, would be completely lost on your audience and end up unnecessarily complicating the sign. Check out this really cool tool from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America that helps illustrate this point.

With visibility and readability in mind, also be sure to follow printing guidelines. Don’t place any essential words or design elements outside of template safe areas. Also extend backgrounds to bleed areas, which are there to ensure your important info doesn’t get trimmed off (if you’re using a professional printer they will likely provide these templates). Treat every pixel of your banner as valuable real estate, without over complicating the design.

3. Colour

Colour is an essential aspect to effective design. It draws the eye and increases retention. Try to stay with the colours your business identifies with while maintaining good contrast and readability. A light text on a dark background or a dark text on a light background works best. Some will argue that the light-on-dark combo is ideal because it mimics the white-on-green of highways signs that we’re so accustomed to reading. No matter what colours you choose, make sure they are contrasting and complementary. Marketers often use pops of bright colours in their ads to draw the eye; the same strategy will work for your outdoor banner.

4. Fonts

The font you choose will absolutely affect the readability of your banner. Stay away from scripts, scrunched block letters, wisp-thin letters, or anything “hand-written”. At best, you’re fighting for 3-5 seconds of your audience’s attention - that is, if you get their attention at all. A neutral font like Arial or Helvetica will help get the point across quickly and easily. A script font like Mistral, while great for some uses, may be hard to read and cause you to lose your audience.

5. Branding

In a lot of ways, branding elements on your sign will go back to colour choice. Try to stay within your brand’s colour wheelhouse. Other branding essentials you might want to incorporate into your design would be any logos or slogans often used throughout company graphics.


Nestle Purina banner

Banner size: 6850 x 3100mm

Nestle Purina banner

Banner size: 3600 x 2350mm

Cathedral school enrolment banner

Banner size: 3060 x 1560mm

Pop-up gift shop vinyl banner

Banner size: 2850 x 1200mm

Wahluu Racing Team vinyl banner

Banner size: 2000 x 600mm

Sustainable Bathurst information banner for Bathurst council

Banner size: ? x ?mm

Sustainable Bathurst banner for Bathurst council

Banner size: 12 x 1.3 metres

Nestle Purina banner

Fence Mesh Banner: 2500 x 1500mm